Friday, May 5, 2017

7 Day Water Fast: Fatigue (Day 5)

Hey all. Welcome to Day 5.

Yesterday was just... in a word, miserable. Every inch was a hustle, whether through my physical body or my mind.

Towards the beginning it was very similar to Day 4; I was tired, but I could still relatively function. But as the evening crept up, everything took a 180° turn.

It was truly torture, and I wanted to just sleep all day. Pain was everywhere. My mind thought and thought, going to realms I did not know even existed. Felt kind of like a bad trip. Like I said, I just wanted to rest.

Unfortunately however, I had a paper to write and was forced to operate on a half-dead brain. Easier said than done.

I ended up falling in the pattern of writing a paragraph, lying down,  then writing a paragraph, and lying down once again. It made what was supposed to be just 1-2 hours of work much longer. Thinking was definitely hard. I ended up falling asleep and somehow managed to wake up in time to finish it up with some extra energy.

These last days are truly ending up to be a grind. My hunger seems to be getting worse too. Not sure what's going on, but there's just 2 days left, so I'm gonna stay strong.

Thanks to anyone who has been reading and following these logs.

UPDATE: I never made a new post, but I ended up stopping the fast here. It was very difficult and I remember gorging on dates and breaking it. It was also kind of humorous what happened next because I ended up going to the movies to watch The Promise and I vomited all over the trashcan. This update is in 2018, but I will definitely attempt the fast again soon.

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