Thursday, May 4, 2017

7 Day Water Fast: Changes (Day 4)

Hey all. Here I am, Day 4 of 7. I gotta say, things are getting really really hard. I've made some questionable decisions as well, but luckily I'm still in the game; I'm still fasting.

This is how you'll feel ↑
Day 4 was pretty difficult in the sense that I was hungry as hell and like usual, had no energy. For anyone fasting for a long period of time, I recommend you do not exercise. Initially doing exercises like cardio seemed to have gave me more energy, but the feeling is akin to downing a couple cans of Monster. You end up crashing like a mofo afterwards, and then you can't do anything and just get more hungry.

For the remainder of my fast, I'm gonna rest whenever I can.

I've decided to modify my fast further and from now on just drink water rather than tea, coffee, or any of the other drinks I mentioned previously. This is partly because I made a slight hiccup when I chewed on a few
sticks of sugar free gum as a result of the munchies. Obviously there was no sugar, but I ended up chewing about 30 calories.

All about that water
Since I wanna be strict with my fasting, any more calorie intake than this will surely break my fast. Even though drinks like tea and coffee have seemingly negligible calories (1-3 per cup), the amount I drink across the day would easily add up to 10 or 12 throughout the day.

Thus for the sake of keeping it safe within the 50cal limit, it's just water from here on out.

I am very tired and really wanna eat. Just gotta grind this out. 

I'll keep you homies posted for what happens next...

Till next time.

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