Tuesday, May 2, 2017

7 Day Water Fast: Unbalanced Steps (Day 2)

Hey all. I have currently reached Day 2 of my 7 day water fast.

I experienced a lot of different things this time compared to the other shorter intermittent fasting sessions I've done. I was somewhat caught off-guard, but I managed to hold my ground.

I had a very big dip in my energy levels. I could barely move, at times. Much of it felt like the first few days of doing a low carb diet honestly; you really had that "flu" feeling.

A lot of head rushes... any time I stood up, I felt dizzy. It made moving around all the more harder. I thought it may be because I was dehydrated, so I started drinking a lot more water. It helped a little bit, but not too much.

My heart beat also seemed to accelerate at times-this began after I took a hot shower. It was like that feeling
of quickly sprinting up the stairs when you haven't done much cardio in a while. Intermittent rising and falling. After a couple hours however, this too passed.

Don't trip; I definitely wasn't this obvious.
When I awoke, I ended up getting up, then lying down again, getting up, then lying down again. Any time I got up, I'd feel a great imbalance in my legs coupled with a head rush which would urge me to get back in bed again. This ended up happening 3 times in the morning (sleep, wake, sleep, wake, etc)

Interestingly enough, I once again had a dream where I broke my fast. This time I ate some Skittles which I shoplifted from a gas station. Unfortunately I was also caught in the act, so that's interesting.  I wonder why... probably some hiccups in my subconscious. 😅  I do recall reading somewhere that Snoop Dogg would often eat Skittles after smoking weed to combat dry-mouth, so that must explain it.

Anyway, as you can all see, I've managed to survive so far. I'll keep you all posted for what happens next. Let me know if any of you homies have had similar experiences. I'll leave you all with a quote from the Dhammapada, verse 7 from Pairs:

As the wind blows down a weak tree, so Mara overthrows one who lives seeing the unlovely as lovely, whose senses are uncontrolled, who is immoderate in food, lazy, and of an inferior vigor.

Till next time.

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