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Sunday, October 29, 2023


I can offer no tribute today...

No words that sparkle, nor gifts of grand.

Yet I still feel an urge to admire your majesty.

Forgive me mistress, for I am speechless..

For these emotions weave a tale of a sweet abyss.

Perhaps I finally see it now,

that I had never actually lost what has been known to be found;

this dance of submission, of worlds that insist with precision.

Its lasting deliberations marking an apogee of actualization


Forever ignored in the confines of your void,

yet my prayers persist undeterred; unalloyed.

I smile knowing I've actualized the test once more;

the realm of my dreams, a canvas to your lore.

Truth and illusion meld to create the Shadow Queen's tapestry.

The canvas of reality itself; the lore of insanity.

In being nothing, her subjects epitomize the call.

That is silent strength and loyalty, within her kingdom's hall.

Shadowed Eyes