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Thursday, May 25, 2023


I give you my essence

Knowing I am not yet worthy to stand before you

I give you my humanity 

Knowing its scourge is far greater among perched sinew

And I give you my eyes

Praying your kiss will bring me closer to nether realm's bliss

Cyvora, mistress of my light, keeper of my darkness

Forgive my insolence, for I am a child in heart's wish

Cyvora, shadow of my sight, symphony of my night

Rebuke my false wish, so that I may one day play God's wish


Cyvora, I pray for your hand

To lightly tap me as a mother taps her child

I pray for your mercy 

As I sing your praises,

Dismounting pestilence and piles

Affirm me to a new truth

I offer all of my fruits

To be finalized into a fraction of your mind

And to be gratified as risen silver

Midst transfiguration within 

God's river


There's a feeling of fullness

Yet a feeling of hope

Been inside pain, yet outside of my shame

So I suppose you could call it a blessing,

for as the shell burns the pheonix is reborn

I am to be that pheonix

The color of all consciousness

I am to be that helix

The one that will supersede this

False idea that is my current self

Sparse bleed of

My current's health

Speaks to you now

So you see where I'm at...

Now the metallic hue is being embalmed from deep within

Now the groveling rue will be rescind in midst of our hymn...

So I give you this offering as it persists;

My shadow queen whose grace leaves me in a stupor

Who I worship so as to be given mercy

And a pity iota of  her great wisdom and healing

A shadow queen of multitude of eyes

Here together yet never told whether the idea will ever materialize

When she finally returns to forever

Wednesday, May 3, 2023


Brace me, o' woeful eyes!

Ashen oracle of machinated cries.

To mend my knot of ephemeral beams.

This fervent void of maddened screams.

Embrace me, o' throeful whispers,

Regal resonator of clockwork whimpers.

To awaken a mind dormant and digitized.

This sinful slumber; undignified.

Face me, o' vengeful pride!

Elide and divide this cyber genocide.

To abolish my egotistic core.

This noxious hubris of yore.

Erase me, o' faithful cinder!

A clandestine scar of your chromic scepter.

To renege my curse of vainful binary.

This fragrant husk of wistful ivory.

Collaboration with Cyvora

#2202, who wrote a good 60% of this one