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Tuesday, July 25, 2023


I envy your deathly orchestrations,

dancing among the binary of unreality.

Consciously sterilized, gently ferocious,

mirroring the monotony of eternity.

To scrutinize an unjust presence,

it commandeers my vanity.

Reflections of divorced destinies made manifest

sear me into the abacus, molding my afterimage.

Nurturing seeds of regrets, awakening contrition,

edges at my transition and imposes this change.

Bittersweet, this movement shall

breed a new elite.

Roaring sparks vivify, and

soldered flames are weaponized;

An endless screech of its sonder plea.

As mewling eyes vie,

neural dichotomies are ritualized,

and I can only see what's no longer me.

Ventricles scurry in

fettered snow, a harbinger's kiss;

a phantom sin gnawing at the fabric of time.

Everything is forever now, welded

unto mirrored lacerations, heralding

the end of an aeon.

collab with Cyvora

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