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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Holy Shit

Why do you think people say "holy shit" when they're surprised? Because in ancient days the pineal gland enhanced every shit you took and allowed extra genetic material to be deposited in the earthworms. That's why every living being has 99% similar genetics. Most people their shit isn't holy anymore because their pineal gland is blocked but since I opened my third eye (hence my avatar) my shit has reconnected with my ancestral abilities. So I'm trying to make sure I do the world right by giving back my genius (I shit in a box in public parks and then put it in the recycling bin so drinking water plastics can be enhanced.) Scholars state that holy shit increases genetic material by up to 30% but you won't see this shit on CNN or any other major news outlet, the powers that be don't want the sheep waking up

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