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Monday, April 30, 2018

Arising of Anger

I can feel the anger arise. Death, violence, killing, pain, suffering upon another... all aspects of my
consciousness which I have once ignored. Thus I realize this. Thus I realize...

I push the weight on the bench, thus pushing my weakness. 

I pull the bar over my lats, thus pulling off my uncertainties.

I stomp upon the treadmill with incredible vigor, visualizing the stomping of past regrets and blossoming a new light filled with strength, and confidence.

I raise my arm in victory, visualizing my future reality.

I sit down thus afterwards, weary from my journey.

My anger continues to boil.

I touch the anger.

It hurts.

I touch it again.

I no longer feel it.

The water has become lukewarm.

Thus I have made peace...

Thus the anger becomes my friend...

And thus it will lead me towards self-mastery.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Catharsis could be defined as the transformation of negative emotions into their truly positive counterparts. A quick and easy definition of “truly positive” is that these counterparts are freed from egoism and self-centeredness, to referring everything back to our own pleasure and pains.

For instance, turning anger into a love and understanding of whoever/whatever you are angry at, as Christ suggested (“Love your enemies”). There can also be righteous and unselfish anger, as when Christ overturned the tables of the bankers in the temple and drove them out with a whip, but most of our anger is not really unselfish/righteous/out of moral feelings, but out of narcissistic feelings — this person hurt me, how is this person so evil, etc.

Anger generally can either be turned into love, or into useful force, as in self-defense or defending an

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Game

This is all a game...That is the lesson I have learned.

You should do anything you can to get ahead of the game, because everyone in some way or another has

Friday, April 27, 2018

Constitution of What is and What is Not

All my life I have battled to understand the truth of what truly is, and what is not delusion. I don't mean this in a really dramatic sense, but more in terms of basic things. Such as morals, what is right or wrong, or what it means to truly be one with your guidelines. Recently I have undergone much deception from a woman I had loved... The events following prior to that is why I had stopped updating this blog for almost a year. I will not