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Monday, April 30, 2018

Arising of Anger

I can feel the anger arise. Death, violence, killing, pain, suffering upon another... all aspects of my
consciousness which I have once ignored. Thus I realize this. Thus I realize...

I push the weight on the bench, thus pushing my weakness. 

I pull the bar over my lats, thus pulling off my uncertainties.

I stomp upon the treadmill with incredible vigor, visualizing the stomping of past regrets and blossoming a new light filled with strength, and confidence.

I raise my arm in victory, visualizing my future reality.

I sit down thus afterwards, weary from my journey.

My anger continues to boil.

I touch the anger.

It hurts.

I touch it again.

I no longer feel it.

The water has become lukewarm.

Thus I have made peace...

Thus the anger becomes my friend...

And thus it will lead me towards self-mastery.

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