Friday, May 12, 2017

New Alien Picture Leaked on 4chan's /x/ board (5-12-17)

Over on 4chan's /x/ board there was this big deal about an alien thread which was supposedly immediately taken down...

So I kept going down, and I found a lot of interesting stuff. The thread started with this picture:

The guy who posted it said that the pictures in the previous threads were fake. Here's a screencap:

So far, so interesting. 😃 What was posted soon after was the fake image the original poster was talking about, created using CG:

Definitely looks like CG, that much is for sure. And the tree which was mentioned earlier is missing.

Next was an image that some user tried to reconstruct using some kind of image data and other such means:

Now shit is getting weird. This image looks pretty unsettling. Here's another image that was posted shortly after that one:

But the kicker was this guy, who posted what got the most reactions, and was supposedly the "true" image:

This got the most replies, people who were freezing up saying that this was the one the original thread said was "unsettling." So here it is. The picture of the alien, as well as some of the post's responses:

Even somebody who supposedly reported the poster to the FBI 😮

What do you guys think? Some people are suggesting these are all a bunch of hoaxes, or some kind of psy-op. Personally I'm going to hold on to a fair amount of skepticism, but it's definitely interesting, that's for sure.

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