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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Astral projection from the perspective of a Javanese mystic

Now allow me to explain astral projection from the perspective of an Indonesian mystic, particularly that of Javanese mysticism, as it's the most widespread form of mysticism known here in Indonesia.

There are certain ethnicities and tribes which have their own names, ways, and methods to perform astral projection, but that'd take much longer to explain and would need a separate thread to describe them all..

In Javanese Mysticism, astral projection is called "Illmu Rogo Sukmo." It is a skill which allows one to separate their
corporeal body (Rogo) from their astral body (Sukmo).

We believe that the Astral body (Sukmo) is the manifestation of our own consciousness, and Rogo Sukmo is the process through which one separates their consciousness from one's corporeal body.

Javanese mysticism recognizes sleep paralysis, and sees it as one step closer towards astral projection. What happens during sleep paralyses is that your astral body has not yet fully separated from your corporeal body, hence the feeling of being "stuck."

There are a wide range of things we can do when our astral body is wandering around, such as telepathy, chit-chat with astral beings and 4d waifus, or going literally anywhere you want.

But be advised; it uses a lot of energy. You'll usually wake up tired since technically you've been wandering around and about. Sugar or anything sweet like drinks should be enough to replenish it after a short time.

Original post by Akavir !!FP/Yevmserx, edited and proofread for easier legibility.

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