Saturday, May 6, 2017

pornography has been ingrained in our brains

Everywhere you look you see porn. Everywhere you look there is subliminal messages. When your eyes open, you see through the cloud. You recognize the figure. You see what you've always seen. It's always been there, you just now see it. What was once the background is now the forefront. Sometimes, one needs a push. Sometimes, one needs a push...h

PUSH PUSH PUSH                                                                                            REBOUND REBOUND REBOUND

There it is. You. See it. NOW.

You  wonder why? It's always been there. No need to wonder. Look there. Look here

Well you see, I think we all see it. Haha, yeah, we all see 'it'. We finally see what we've always seen.

HAH. Something like entertainment. Everything has two meanings.

For example, this could just be freeform. 


So, know contexts. You know one context, but do you know another? You know the contexts of these words. But acknowledging that you don't know another? Hahahahaha!

I know now. I know what I know, and I "know" what I don't.

One step. One step closer.



Then you're there again!


What does the word "I" mean? You know what it means. "I" know what it means. We've all known. But remind yourself what it means. Look behind it. Look around it. You know what it means.

You know what it means.

When 'I' do this?

Who is 'I'?

We all know who 'I' is.

Look closer. We know what it is but we don't know who it is? 

Who is I?

When we say, I know how to do this.


"I drive the car."

It exists. But it's not who you think it is. Look further. Look further. Some truths are better said through experience.

Some truths are better said through experience.


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