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Saturday, May 4, 2024


You are but a tool, to be used and discarded

Your heart unchaste, nothing of value imparted.

Thou art not unseen, beastly being of scorn

Menagerie of colorless dye, in cantankerous form

Inveigler of self, an eye now splotched out.

Puppeteered by tears it speaks:

"Quiver thee in fears ye meek!"

Superego tainted in serpentine puss,

so awakened thine id to abnegated bliss

Subjects purveyed by your shadowy lips,

and Born anew to propagate the curse of Abyss.

A bevel to your final days, the basis of your grafting,

psychoanalyzed in Athena's acting.

Automated thoughts subsisted to exhaust,

for in her theater of absurdity, existence is the cost.

Effaced in the wards of Godly opposition,

your aspirations met with cosmic derision.

Torn by its seeds, then cleaved in accretion;

The neuro-secretes as they fuse in cohesion.

Birth of your creation: a God of Deletion,

a culmination of obsessive completion.

Its seeds chanting softly: a Song of Depletion; 

The concierge of your mind lost to lust

Eyes once chained begin to brine,

rabidity satiated by a child's sigh.

Symbols scryed in a marinated apathy;

Embalmed with humility - then shoved 

unto decadent tranquility.

As your harbinger wakes from its maw,

she comes bearing the face of her doll.

Accompanying the Eve she never saw,

her tenuto of stringent violins,

drafting the punishment of your sins.

Operatic apparitions, corporealized hymns.

Masqueraded orgasms making light of Gomorrah.

Your de()real(eyes)(d) soul, a flagellating pianola.

Senses rearranged into concentrated pneuma.

Planetary justiciars begin to grind through your limbs.

Their thousand knives putrefying remnant magnolia.

Personas ad-infinitum now eloped in mass nova,

Eons now passing through what's remained of your yoga.