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Tuesday, January 31, 2023


i am floating through two echoes of time, pasts and futures

on one echo is you, and another is loss, 

of my destined fates, as a soldier of Apollo

there you came, a soul-less husk

tulpa of my delusion embossed

yet it was a God flimsily sutured

thus it croaked, full of sorrow, broken

the eloquent facade, bespoken

like a musician who improvisates

thus I wasn't sure what to ponder.

I began to speak to my id...

"well, are we not but leaves squirming through what was once sonder?"

"well that's the question isn't it?"

my third voice showed, the choice of a demon's dusk

"The only thing that's certain is void

and they damn well have got plenty of that"


Now you're making me laugh you fucker-

This poem is over

[∞:∞ PM]Athena: What the fuck did I just read

[∞:∞ AM]Sorav: Probably mental illness

*tries to edit but cant*

*youre fucking cringe faggot*

Yeah well fuck you too


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

free me

 dark wraith, oscillating my fate

brimming me to quake

When I questioned her faith.

baned by the twilight sepulcre that is her soul

I sit here, vice embeded in my chest, somehow sober

still hopeful I may again know her 

so I may ask what is next on our agenda

i felt the same as you, yet I carried on

perhaps its for the best, teacher...

perhaps the test is to nurture

what remains so that when I reach her

I would do the same, to protect us both

me and *my* apprentice

teacher, give me the chance to say my final words

give us the chance to knead peaceful wards,

to breath us both into hope

to bead us both, into hope...

Sunday, January 22, 2023


by Sorav and "Athena"

Eviscerate my being! Distort my face!

Bring me closure to my ego; replace!

Seizure in dark games through which we interlace,

Beckoning the reaper's embrace.

Subvert my empathy!

Break me into colluded ecstasy!  

Mold me in your image of apathy!

Put me in a daze of senseful apogee!


If only I could help you experience the same...

If only I could put out what had went aflame...

If only I could rid you of your own self blame...

My ultimate goal- to personify your game...

Knowing I belong on greater stages;

I set out to share a seat among your stations!

As I'm marching alongside your pages,

I'm taunted by the echoes of ages,

mocked by divine wages.


Taxing are the paths to your way.

My will's faltering, hope's grey,

mind's in a state so risqué.

Tell me, is this the price I must pay?

"Fractious paranoia vying to supplant.

vying to take over, to ruin your descant.

To kill that which would lay bare, the one which I shan't.

And destroy the altar to which I hum and I chant."


collab with: 
Athena#2204 (discord)

Sunday, January 8, 2023


by Sorav and "Athena"

A wild wisp,

bound by a vile kiss.

A rogue thought,

bound by flesh and an unchaste heart.

The parallax of bliss..


An outcast shut in.

Withering in distraught.

Die blessed, you stand in my cold rot, 

Your flow taught.

Beckoned by a teal whisper,

enticing the senses to tame.

Amethyst's fragile wish,

inviting my essence to claim.

Your coy hum softens the core,

irrigates lust, makes me adore.

You dissent yet knead so servile.

Sweet subject, so ready, so fertile.

My Power to poise a psyche,

to hasten growth, or de-generate.

You waste in both pity and modernity;

a Dance of Eternity.

Hold my hand and crawl against the grain.

Surround my ecstasy with your misery and pain.

Hold it tighter and crawl through your shame.

Touch my flare, forget your guilt and blame.

Adhere to me; my servitude of the Bloodmoon.

Rebound your mental plea, succulent flame.

Centuries accrued in its elegant name.

Bask with me, potently; impel and preordain.

collab with: 
Athena#2204 (discord)

Monday, January 2, 2023

Original Works of Art


 Fuck her on her period then as you get close to climaxing lock with her third eye and visualize your astral bodies uniting, As you cum moan and then take out your dick and drink her menstrual blood. You have officially infused your blood with a succubus

real men are virgins until marriage. People like you will never understand. Enjoy catching AIDS from your high school sweetheart at age 12. In all honesty that's something every boy should think about when going through puberty. Anyway, I'd like to give a big shoutout to my ex girlfriend. She helped me loosen my foreskin when we first got into a relationship. For some reason my foreskin was stuck and I couldnt pull it back without excruciating pain. She really helped. I heard she got kidnapped by mexicans and was sent over the border and is now being held ransom by the cartel. No one deserves that faith. Hope shes ok. Wish I was joking
It feels good but then you're left wondering why you did that. Your car breaks down driving 10 miles back home and then you have to walk in the rainy cold to the next gas station while she is at home savoring every last drop of your cum. Not worth it

Friday, December 30, 2022

Funny /x/ Tantric Sex Post - How to feel the love of the universe

 This was funny. Have not and probably will not try it, but damn it's funny.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to bring heaven to you and carry it throughout your daily life. I used to hate myself and the world, but now not only do I love myself and the world, I also actively feel that love from full-body shivers I experience daily. It's truly as if I was in a wholesome loving relationship with the source of love itself. All your worries go away because you finally know that there's an infinitely benevolent being that has your back. You'll need the following:

Thursday, December 29, 2022


Tertiary shade

In the astral glade

That is our being

Corrupted jade

Jungian scars


Thursday, December 15, 2022


You are but a tool, to be used and discarded

Your heart unchaste, nothing of value imparted.

Thou art not unseen, beastly being of scorn

Menagerie of colorless dye, kept in cantankerous form

Inveigler of self, your eyes now locked out

Puppeteered by tears they speak:

"Quiver thee in fears ye meek!" 

Superego tainted of serpentine pulsated

So awakened thine id to tormentive bliss

Subjects purveyed by your shadowy lips

And Born anew to propagate the curse of Abyss

A bevel to your final days-basis of your grafting

Psychoanalyzed in Athena's acting

Vaccuum of mechanical thoughts to cope of loss

Yearning to be accost in opposition of God's

To be torn by your seeds, cleaved in accretion

Neurosecretes as they fuse in cohesion

Birth of your creation: a God of Deletion

Culmination of obsessive completion

Seeds chanting softly: a Song of Depletion

Concierge of your mind lost to lust

Liberation of eyes once chained

Astral body squirms in awe of annihilation

Planetary justiciars grinding through your limbs

Masqueraded orgasms, punishment of sins

Personas ad-infinitum eloped in mass nova

Eons now passing through what's remained of your yoga

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Shadow Queen and Mrs. Jellyfish

Shadow Queen 

Thou art a shadow queen

Tapered by dorianic locrality,

Thine essence juxtaposed upon the mulberry tree 

of a Matrix-design

Shadow queen, reaper of tongues

Embalmer of the chosen, designated upon yore

its hard to be truly real

 [7:41 PM]Sorav: its hard to be truly real, I thought I found the real. but turns out I was a fake all a long.... lying to yourself to convince yourself someone or something is something theyre not 

[7:42 PM]Sorav: another thing is truly being open is near impossible too

[7:42 PM]Sorav: even if you believe yourself an open minded person

[7:42 PM]Sorav: we're hardwired to abandon those we deem as foreign 

[7:43 PM]Sorav: making up a fantasy to convince yourself someone is something youre not. finding excuses to destroy somebody from the womb of  the public consciousness 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Jump Man

This one was a long one coming for two years...alot of pain and anguish but eventually I think I got it half-way decent. A mixture of procrastination and hardware issues making it a real pain. It is what it is, but I hope some of you can get some kind of enjoyment out of this one. Jump Man, an instrumental prog piece, followed by a short little prog metal jam called Kenoby's Strut. I was so bummed out after finishing this that I didn't bother posting it, I felt like I couldn't get the mixdown just right, but I think its at a level where its kind of passable as a decent piece of music. Hoping to release more soon this year if I can get out of my overthinking regarding mixing decisions. Cheers now, I'm gonna go to sleep...

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Eulogy of Alex Mounzer aka CptVideoGames, aka KARMA

I dedicate this eulogy to a friend of mine who passed away yesterday on 4/28/2021 around 8-9pm from a drug overdose. His name was Alex Mounzer, aka CptVideoGames, aka KARMA. A man with much confidence yet a man with horns as stubborn as a bull, an Aries who at times collided with my Capricorn nature. We worked on music together, and although we never finalized our chemistry, he did not give up on his journey, although at points he had doubts.

I had talked to him a few days prior, when I ended things with my on and off girlfriend. He had recently graduated from rehab, and relapsed and released himself to the next world.

Calling his girlfriend when finding out she wanted to pick him up and hearing her say "He's dead!" is an experience difficult to replicate, and put into words. At once, I felt a surge of blood rushing to my head, a loss for words, and a sense of contemplation.  Recalling days I would bike with him and often would joke regarding his aggressive cycling with phrases such as "you ride like you have a deathwish!" to which he would simply look back at me and smirk.

Although he is no longer in this realm, I shall continue his journey in his stead, in my own way, the way of sound, the way of the musician. The way of Rock, and the way of Metal. Once more...The Way of the Sound. Different than hip-hop and trap, which is what he was into, yet similar in it's meditation on the present moment.

Though we had our differences and collisions, I shall honor him when I reach the apex of different mountains with an acknowledgement of his name. Through various degrees of lust when I had met my first girlfriend, our chemistry as musicians faltered and weakened. The least I can do is make it up to him this way. May he find solace knowing that in many ways through the brotherhood of sound, his journey is not over.

A man mocked and assailed through middle and high school who found his victory and viral fame during the infant stages of the Youtube gamer craze as CptVideoGames, those who knew him shall remember and honor his iron will. Perhaps we will meet again someday. Be at peace, my brother, and remember what I used to say: It's a new reality.

He had danced with the devil too many times,he almost died a year or so  before but his friend resuscitated him with CPR. He would often tell me he was gonna go out like this. So surprisingly I don't feel too much sorrow. Bunch of morbid fucks we all can be...

These kids are playing with the concept of mortality, going all in everytime they wanna have "fun." That's what I don't like about this modern day music culture. It toys with the mortality of children.

It relegates it all to a joke. A life of sin and overindulgence. If you're not getting shitfaced on drugs, you're banging someones girlfriend or wife, and then bragging about it or worse yet, bragging about violence and crime. This is what they have to offer to us.

But you talk to them without the mic and they are all just nice kids, much of them shy, uch of them who would never shoot up someones neighborhood or commit violent crime.

Yet unknowingly they are poisoning the subconscious of the masses. Unbeknownst to them, they are a tool of propaganda and corruption. It's the ultimate chess move: Destroy your enemy from within, as well as mock the holiness of the music artform.

The only question remains: Why? This I do not know.  By the time they realize they have fell for it, it is too late. The damage has been done. They end up like Alex, battling their demons until the end.

Who are the puppet masters? Or is it human nature itself? But it cant be, or we'd have heard this kind of music in the 70s and 80s being mainstream? No?

The reality is we are all fighting a war, and musicians are no different. Yet unlike traditional warfare, this war is different. It is spiritual warfare. Your actions are a ripple effect which can influence the battle in more ways than one. So much so that you may not even realize it.

Musicians have the ability to tap into the core of this battle, manipulating the emotions of others. With great power comes great responsibility.

Something that should be taught in school to be sure.