Saturday, May 13, 2017

A man's advice to one who is desperate for sensual gain

Great post(s) that I found. I don't agree with all of it, but overall it's solid advice:

You are looking externally for what must be found internally. Why do you want to get rich, "get laid" and "go on unique adventures?" If you follow these questions, and the additional questions following these queries generates, you will eventually resolve your problem. Questioning is the most powerful "magic" ever, particularly self-questioning.

The most important recommendation: write to yourself. Argue to yourself from multiple positions, plan and reason on paper, even if just to give a good description of the complete problem. Develop a system tailored to you to organize knowledge-acquisition and analysis. Politics, capitalism, and social forces are working nonstop to try to subvert your agency to compel you to partake in actions desired by others, what you need to do is to be stronger than these forces and compel yourself to partake in actions desired by you. Think of the absurdity of modernism: we intend on doing things, but don't do them, instead we procrastinate or ignore. How can you possibly do something that you don't want to do? The answer is that you are not unified, there's a whole bunch of conflicting subconscious desires that weedle their way in, which have been conditioned to do so by a lifetime of being a
dvertised and politicized to. So you use language and create an air-tight argument on paper convincing yourself to do something to beat down these subconscious phantoms.

The status quo's worst enemy is reason, except for the falities it can convince you are rational. Being ultra-paranoid about your own beliefs and ideas. Simply calibrate your compass to one goal, to figure out how to reason and think accurately about various aspects about the world around you, and everything else will follow, with the caveat that many will attempt to aid you to do this for their own reasons (see: how everyone is a "skeptic" now.)

The sooner you get to killing God off the better, God is the most evil parasite ever created.

. . . The only way of properly doing "magic" without fucking around with rituals and shit is simply detaching from reality. Your consciousness is all there is. Once you wake up and realize reality is no more than a dream then you can manipulate it at will. Of course, this is easier said than done, I haven't been able to do it myself because I'm afraid of becoming schizophrenic or something (I'm not schizo btw, never heard voices or had any weird shit ever happen in my life, I just believe this is the truth because it's the only thing that makes sense to me). I don't even know if you can give yourself schizophrenia but whatever, the point is that magic, magick, all that shit is basically the same shit. Fooling yourself with rituals, symbols, etc to exercise your real power which doesn't really need any of this, but because it's easier to believe than just manipulating reality at will as if it was nothing is the reason it works. It works only because you believe in it, but ideally you wouldn't need any of it because the power is in you regardless.

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