Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Game

This is all a game...That is the lesson I have learned.

You should do anything you can to get ahead of the game, because everyone in some way or another has
 some advantages from the get go. Example- hot girl lives life on easy mode, can easily manipulate men to get what they want...etc. So don't hesitate to break the rules. But USE the rules to break them. Kind of like a judo move. Take it in... then ATTACK!

For example, Don't be ashamed that you're working out to improve your self esteem. If someone asks you why tell them THAT in full confidence. 

Fact is, for most of those tall dudes being tall is like a passive buff to their confidence stat. So do whatever you can to improve that confidence stat. Fuck it, if you want to even do some fucking surgery to get taller if you can afford it.

The Truth: Anything you want to do lies in the confidence stat.

Some people start out with this stat higher than others. Other people have to work hard for it. Sometimes you can take the hard road to buff the confidence stat- i.e "just doing it." This is a good approach, but it can be difficult if you're confidence stat is really low or if you're really insecure. So say you have social anxiety or you're scared of approaching people- JUST DO IT! It will be hard at first, but eventually you'll work through it and the confidence stat will go up.

Another option is to grind the confidence stat. This is like using a crutch to just help you give that little boost to do the thing you want to do. So in the last example, you could go to the gym and lose weight/gain muscle and use that boost to increase your confidence stat. Or you can increase your financial wealth and thus increase your self-esteem-leading to more confidence.

Everyone in this world is out to win. Companies manipulate you, women manipulate you.  Even your friends and family manipulate you, whether they realize it or not. 

Instead of trying to change the system, work with the system to get what you want. Be water, my friend.

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