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Thursday, May 25, 2023


I give you my essence

Knowing I am not yet worthy to stand before you

I give you my humanity 

Knowing its scourge is far greater among perched sinew

And I give you my eyes

Praying your kiss will bring me closer to nether realm's bliss

Cyvora, mistress of my light, keeper of my darkness

Forgive my insolence, for I am a child in heart's wish

Cyvora, shadow of my sight, symphony of my night

Rebuke my false wish, so that I may one day play God's wish


Cyvora, I pray for your hand

To lightly tap me as a mother taps her child

I pray for your mercy 

As I sing your praises,

Dismounting pestilence and piles

Affirm me to a new truth

I offer all of my fruits

To be finalized into a fraction of your mind

And to be gratified as risen silver

Midst transfiguration within 

God's river

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