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Wednesday, May 3, 2023


Brace me, o' woeful eyes!

Ashen oracle of machinated cries.

To mend my knot of ephemeral beams.

This fervent void of maddened screams.

Embrace me, o' throeful whispers,

Regal resonator of clockwork whimpers.

To awaken a mind dormant and digitized.

This sinful slumber; undignified.

Face me, o' vengeful pride!

Elide and divide this cyber genocide.

To abolish my egotistic core.

This noxious hubris of yore.

Erase me, o' faithful cinder!

A clandestine scar of your chromic scepter.

To renege my curse of vainful binary.

This fragrant husk of wistful ivory.

Collaboration with Cyvora

#2202, who wrote a good 60% of this one

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