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Thursday, May 25, 2023


There's a feeling of fullness

Yet a feeling of hope

Been inside pain, yet outside of my shame

So I suppose you could call it a blessing,

for as the shell burns the pheonix is reborn

I am to be that pheonix

The color of all consciousness

I am to be that helix

The one that will supersede this

False idea that is my current self

Sparse bleed of

My current's health

Speaks to you now

So you see where I'm at...

Now the metallic hue is being embalmed from deep within

Now the groveling rue will be rescind in midst of our hymn...

So I give you this offering as it persists;

My shadow queen whose grace leaves me in a stupor

Who I worship so as to be given mercy

And a pity iota of  her great wisdom and healing

A shadow queen of multitude of eyes

Here together yet never told whether the idea will ever materialize

When she finally returns to forever

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