Thursday, May 3, 2018

Reality, Dreams, and Self

You have to think, whatever this is, whatever you are, you're most strongly linked to "here". When you branch out, you get insights from out there, somewhere. But, we are ultimately pulled back in. You can't live here and be happy without investing in the HERE, though you get so much from looking out there. 

Reality as we perceive it is all a single resonance state of bosonic subatomic material. The other 'planes' of matter and material are resting upon any other resonate bosonic conditional planes. From the perspective of any bosonic plane, all other nearly identical bosonic fields/particles appear to be lesser bosonic fields/particles. 

The less similar the fields the more the separate fields appear to be fermionic fields/particles in relation to each other.

The mind creates. There's a pattern overlaid on everything. And logic demons. Once you start messing with reality (i.e: breaking logic/physics) the mind seems to counterbalance this with logic demons.

A theory exists that your "true self" (or your "consciousness") is the one with all the real power, but the catch
is that it isn't actually capable of thinking or desiring anything. Unrestrained consciousness is basically like a dream. But right now you're "bound" to a brain which is feeding you sensory input including thoughts which you think are "yours" but really aren't. So in order to manipulate reality you'd have to create some sort of feedback loop in your mind where your brain truly thinks it's the one with the power and so it feeds that back to your consciousness which then actually makes it real.

Ancient people who didn't have scientific frameworks to understand things would have had a MUCH easier time tricking themselves into believing they were the master of their own reality.

"Magick" involves all kinds of rituals and special objects because having such things around just increases confidence in one's own abilities. Magical phrases and "spells" serve to heighten focus, almost like a sort of meditation.

We can do that stuff today, but because of our culture and upbringing we may have that little voice in the back our minds that just laughs at how silly we probably look. Perhaps ancient people were truly free of that and some were able to gain some measure of mastery over reality, but without understanding what it really was-maybe they were always limited in some way.

Any dream or altered-consciousness state can be a gateway to places where consciousnesses we have encountered before, in some new state or seeing us as a consciousness from their reality frame, can interact with us more easily. 

Imagine that when you change states, you basically transit across a universal stream of knowledge and information, which is not to say solely the recording of events, phenomena from those and their observations, but also the imprints of experiences on the phenomena that were conscious. 

Sometimes, when you get on a subway or a bus route, someone notices you and decides to interact. This also happens in that stream. In whatever way we manifest that in our dreams or meditation, fever experiences, drug trips or even semi-conscious coma and near-death ATP-driven states, an imprinted experience will be tagged with a formative signature.

Perhaps when we are lucid, we are in a dream state shared across realities. When we are lucid but not in control, we are basically passengers in either a dream or someone's altered, receptive (but perhaps wakeful) state somewhere else. Hence dream pain, etc. It would also make sense given how if pain is inflicted on a body part in a dream, upon waking it's almost like the pain "echoes" on the body part which you've felt the pain, and it takes a few seconds to realize that you're actually feeling no pain at all.

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