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The Seven Ways

The Seven Ways, by Majin Boo Sama

The 'Seven Ways' represent different pathways towards the throne of chaos. They symbolize the seven 'directions' of space and are ruled by a respective lord/energy.

Ascending to the throne of chaos is known by many names across the world, it is at the heart of every mythos, religion, magic order, spiritual system, and anything in-between.

Some of these names include enlightenment, nirvana, gnosis, and anything else you can fit in there. 
Try not to let the identity of a certain lord dissuade you identifying with a certain path.  Remember, these energies are like shadows with many masks/faces, you may already be familiar with the energy...

The North Gate

The North gate is known as the way of Yig. Yig is the great serpent known by many names, Damballah, Apep, Oroboros, etc.

Yig is associated with the sphere of saturn. He knows ancient secrets that lie in cold, dark places & ways that lead to the bowels of earth, as well as what's hidden there.

The way of Yig involves self-sacrifice and discipline of the body through sustain postures/ controlled breathing.

People who choose this path will control their diet, impulses, and passions.

Self-control, balance, health, and physical renewal are highlights regarding this path.

People on this path must take care to not damage their body-listen to it and it's needs. Yoga masters and those who master dance or any art that focuses on flexibility are associated with this path.

The East Gate

The East gate is known as the way of Shub-Niggurath, the mother of monsters. Associated with the sphere of Venus. Energies such as Lilith, Shakti, Kali are her avatars.

She's always ready to copulate. Shub-Niggarath was on to witches in Europe as the Black Goat of The Woods. She takes many forms in dreams some beautiful and some dreadful. 

However, her true form is formlessness (if that makes sense). Forever dripping with lust, always birthing life.

The path of Shub-Niggurath relies on heightened sexual energy to awaken magical/physic abilities, aka tantra.Honing in on sensual experiences and sexual arousal to the point of pain and discomfort is key. This opens the door to altered states of consciousness.

Exclude unpleasantness from your surroundings. Wear beautiful and elegant clothes/jewelry.
Surrounding oneself with beauty and sensual pleasantries to the point of arousal is also key.

Orgasm is not the goal. Orgasm is failure and one of the pitfalls of this path. Not to say you can't ever cum again, just know the difference. The lack sleep on ritual days is sublime.
Remember the intention in walking the path is ascending to the throne. Don't get lost in the sauce.

The South Gate

The South gate is the way of Cthulu, associated with the sphere of Mars. Avatars include your most fierce warrior gods, I'm feeling Ogoun & Ares as avatars, some aspects of shiva/rudra too. 

He revels in combat, warfare, bloodshed and death. We are reminded of bloody death cults that emerged(and still exist) after the Fall.

Cthulu descended from the stars with copperskin races we know today as Atlanteans & Lumerians.
As the stars conspired against Cthulu and his spawn, the island of R'lyeh sank beneath the ocean.

Cthulu teaches ancient wisdom and acient magic, his cults are fearless and lack mercy.
The way of Cthulu requires intense training of the will. It is not for the faint of heart. 

Daily training in the art of war(armed and unarmed) is a must, you will fall in love with the battle.
Combat intense arts like boxing are apt for this path, you will gain a champion's body and a indomitable will.

You will be tested, Cthulu has no pity for weakness. You've only failed if your will is broken(no matter how fucked up you get).

Courage, strength, and boldness is key in this noble path.

The West Gate

The West gate is the way of Dagon, who is associated with the sphere of the moon. He finds pleasure in self-command and arcane skill.

He doesn't war for sport, but necessity. The children of Dagon are known as the Deep Ones. During the age of Atlantis the Deep Ones fucked the warrior class and traded crystal weapons(which led to the fall).

Dagon teaches skills for curing disease and prolonging life. He inspires dreams, visions, and artistic accomplishments.

The Way of Dagon is the path of intellect and study of the arcane arts. People who master this path become scholars in all forms of occult art, seeking knowledge from ancient books.

They study the ways of sigil making, vibration/words of power, divination, and the use of gates and portals. 

One important thing to hold on to while on this path is to understand the truth in lies & and the lie in truths. Understanding that they both are one is sublime.
Through knowledge and reason you change reality. Metallurgy & crafting clothes/jewelry is a key association.

The Upper Gate

The Upper gate(Heaven) is the way of Yog-Shothoth, the god of portals, associated with the sphere of Jupiter. He rules all going in and all coming out. 

Whenever a barrier is crossed, he is aware. He rules the transitions between worlds, spheres, and dimensions. On festivals like Halloween Yog-Shothoth's gates are wide open.

This path is associated with the art of astral travel and familiarity with spiritual life in these worlds. Projection of the astral shell is a necessity.

Mastery of visions, scrying, and the opening of gateways(of course) is apt for this path. You can use the '4 elements' to help with scrying.

The Lower Gate

The Lower gate (the Underworld) is the way of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, associated with the sphere of Mercury. He is the messenger of the gods, avatars include: Hermes, Loki, Legba, Tehuti
Nyarlathotep is able to move through the dimensions freely, no world is forbidden to him. The gods of the earth are powerless to resist Nyarlathotep.

He finds amusement in spreading chaos. The path of Nyarlathotep is dedicated to necromancy and communication with dead shades.  All dead things are related to his studies.

Feeding shades blood & milk is appropriate. Strong spirits like rum and Whiskey are good offers, as well as cigars, cigarettes, blunts, joints...

Demon work is apt on this path. 

The Central Gate

The Central gate is the way of Azathoth, the blind idiot god, associated with the black sun and more accurately the vortex at the center of chaos. The creator of the universe which was formed from nothingness, 

The source of everything that occurs. Piping the tunes of the Universe (one verse or one song) with his broken flute.

The path of Azathoth is associated with meditations on nothingness, non-doing, stopping the world. 

Music and chants can be used in meditations, but the end result is always that sacred silence.

Associated with wisdom in foolishness, sages on this path have a completely disregard for mundane life. Usually impartial.

This path is the most daunting, considering how chaotic the mind is, and how hard it will fight for you to notice something. Lots of sensory deprivation will propel you.

 This path is certainly tedious, but you really don't have to do much but put in the effort, there's no shortcut to stopping the world. Music is ironically helpful, preferably deeply rhythmic or droning. Lyrics can be distracting, but simple repetitive ones like mantras are helpful.

Don't forget that you literally ALWAYS reach this silent state in you deep sleep, so don't try too hard. Trying too hard is a machination of the ego.

Satan is your shadow-self

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