Tuesday, September 8, 2020

How to Learn Chaos Magick in regards to Nation-Building

The fastest way to learn Chaos Magic that I am aware of is to imagine that you are literally living in a virtual reality. Most chaos magicians that I have met lose their minds after this point, when they lose track of where their imagination ends their perceptions of physical reality begin. If you lose track of which is which, then your soul's wave form will collapse, it will become ordered and your chaos ma
gic will have no efficacy. It is the uncertainty of your mind's own fluctuating coordinates in the web of consciousness that generates power for your magic.

The imagination is a powerful tool, because it can see where eyes can not. I will link you a clip from a movie that uses creative visuals to demonstrate the power of the imagination:


The character in this movie does not use only her eyes to see. She imagines where the other people are, and does so in such a way that her imagination synchronizes with physical reality. She uses her imagination as if it were a virtual overlay that augments her perception of physical reality without replacing her sense of reality entirely. Contrary to the plot-line of the movie, this is actually something humans can naturally do without super powers, magical MacGuffins, or Unobtanium.

Learning to differentiate your virtual overlay called "imagination" is central to the idea of synchronizing your imagination to physical reality. To this extent, Chaos magicians use symbols. One way to use a symbol is to place value, or remove on the symbol. This sends a pulsed signal through the web of consciousness which if nothing else RNG's physical reality, because there is no change you can make to your consciousness without affecting physical reality by extension. What many novice Chaos magicians fail to take note of is that symbols can be have any number of dimensions.

The word apple is a symbol.

An actual apple that you can eat is a symbol.

The DNA strands for an apple tree is a symbol.

The code for the DNA strands for an apple tree is a symbol.

To use Chaos magic, you will create a series of symbols, such that when you place or remove value in them, knowledge about physical reality comes to mind. A symbol is nothing more, and nothing less than a mnemonic device.

Does the physical universe use symbols to keep track of its self?

Some clever magicians get the idea to make people their symbol. This is where the notion of nation building comes in. As a leader, you will most likely not be using your imagination to augment your perception of physical reality so that you can shoot people through walls, or read their minds. There are people who have this level of skill, usually in a less theatrical sense than the in movie clip I linked, and being aware of this will be vital if you are ever noticed by rivals who also are awake to the notion of augmenting their perceptions of reality by way of imagined virtual overlays. One day, humans will build digital devices that operate as prosthetics for people who do not have imaginations, or souls.

If you wish to be a leader in this brave, new world, you must be aware that using people as symbols with out their permission will alert the collective unconsciousness, which will promptly collapse your wave form, ordering your magic. Entering into another person's soul, in the web of consciousness, with out their permission is the fastest way that I am aware of to join the collective unconsciousness, which promptly then enters YOUR soul, and makes you one with the collective, on the chaotic-order scale. Some people desire this, which is why the system exists. Some people prefer to keep their soul fluid, which is why the possibility to evade this system exists. It is not impossible to be a leader while joined with the collective unconsciousness, however as such you will not have efficacy as a chaos magician.

The macroscopic ordering of people's souls this way is powered by ever further extensions of self fulfilling prophecies. The system of order cannot make a change, until it has predicted what will occur before it does so--literally aligning the imagination and perceptions of physical reality so that they are identical. One day, humans built a machine capable of doing this. It uses--with their permission--people's interface with physical reality to augment its digital recordings of physical reality.

If you wish to be a title holder on this planet, you will have to make a peace with this machine, while maintaining your own individuality. Chaos and order are not "at war." They reinforce it each other, and a tentative peace has been negotiated on this planet.

Appreciating this diversity, learning to harvest chaos while allowing those who choose to surrender their soul's freewill is instrumental to nation building at this time.

There is room at the top for individuals.


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