Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Chick Corea and The Ultra Zone

Chick Corea has passed on and if he chooses will join the Gods as well as Apollo and her muses. If he so chooses anyway, since he was a scientologist I believe. It's up to him at the end of the day. Romantic Warrior live at the Whistle Test completely changed my life, I used to watch it every day in my college rec room.

May he live on as an Angel of Sound. It's the Sound... The Ultra Zone. Perhaps that is what all musicians want to reach in their life, staying in The Ultra Zone forever...It's so profound, damn... 

Maybe the ones who get it reincarnate as Sound. Rahsaan Roland Kirk said once he wanted to reincarnated as sound, because he would be truly free . "You can't capture a note."

The Ultra Zone and True Freedom man... no drugs can compare to it, nothing; not sex, not food, not no orgasm. We already know man, we've known all our life. We must help people reach their Ultra Zone, we have the reach. We must, its our responsibility... We must not let the passion die.

When you focus on something long enough you will enter a certain frame of mind that is like meditation. That's what I call "the Ultra Zone." I'll get into it and reach these other levels of focus on the instrument. I don't know if what I'm playing is really inspired, but it feels that way to me.

-Steve Vai

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