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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Transcendence of Virtuosos

I've always had the idea that the afterlife was linked to who you were in your previous life. For example if you attained the skills of a legendary musician, I always played with the idea in my head that you could be reborn a God or a personification of music

Because this is what I feel when I would watch music videos of Steve Vai or Oscar Peterson.

I would feel they were almost master meditators. It seemed like they weren't thinking at all while playing, as if they are in deep trance or no thought. Unfortunately this is a level most musicians, even professional ones never reach. I mean PURE virtuosity. Becoming the music itself. Not just playing it.

In the same way a warrior felt if they died honorably in battle they would go to Valhalla, it made sense to me because it seems like where ever you go in life just stacks and stacks. It's hard to explain but just think about how ever minute action you had when you were a kid echoed to when you became an adult. For example a librarian showed David Blaine a card trick which changed his life forever, then he "became" David Blaine. So if he were ever to achieve no thought through his craft, just his sheer passion seems plausible to me that he can transcend to a spirit if he so chooses, perhaps of illusion or something related to magic tricks.

I believe if I am a good enough musician perhaps one day I can share the stage with Coltrane or Allan Holdsworth, but they themselves would still be in a reality higher than mine if you were to kill me where I stand right now.

It's hard to explain, but when I'm playing and when I achieve even the first stages of trance it all makes sense to me, but then I lose it because I'm not at that virtuosic level. Thought comes in (oh my technique is bad oh what's the next chord, oh flat5 maj 7? etc) 

My theory is that the best of the best are similar to enlightened beings. They can manifest as different bodies and realities at will and be called upon to give us lower level musicians inspiration just because they have transcended physical limitations in their mind. In this manner they are similar to Muses, Gods or Spirits.

Musicians know what I'm talking about. That perfect gig, that perfect performance. You catch lightning in a bottle for just a moment man. Damn, so funky man, just thinking about it. That's gotta be what true masters feel all the time...

Anyway, this applies to any craft, not just music. Business, architecture, drawing, whatever. It's the Ultra Zone man

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