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Constellations, Demons, and Biblical Stories

Many of the demons or "fallen angels" are constellations in the southern hemisphere.

Abezethibou is likely Cetus.

Abezethibou is a one-winged angel that hardened the Pharaoh's heart and was sealed in a pillar of water when Moses parted the Red Sea.

He's also the unspoken archetype of final fantasy villains.

Asmodeus from the Book of Tobit is Piscis Austrinus (The southern fish)

Solomon had Abezethibou and another demon, Ephippas, raise a "pillar" for his temple. But it's more accurately called a rib or vault. The Milky Way.

What modern constellation Ephippas maps to are unknown but I assume it's opposite of corner of the sky from Cetus (west), in the area of Virgo, Serpens, or Ophiuchus.

Now, we know these demons are constellations or heavenly bodies because in the Testament of Solomon they say as much, but also mention other forms they take.

The demon Ornias is in Aquarius (meaning the 11th house).

Says he's sometimes a "Man who lusts for boys. A Winged Creature. Or a lion."

Translation: The constellation Aquila, Formally known as Antinous, and associated with the myth of Zeus abducting Ganymede as an Eagle to be his cupbearer. And it's oldest Sumerian form, the lion headed eagle Imdugud.

Imdugud was the guardian of the God's baths. So whoever was in the bath, Imdugud was standing at the entrance holding their things. Godly things, such a the Tablets of Destiny that manifest words as reality.

Which Imdugud runs off with. And is chased by lightning bolts.

There is some mythological parallels between this, and Prometheus's theft of fire.

The Demon Ornias, had a "gift of prophecy" similar to Prometheus. However, this "prophecy" is just that demons can fly up and hear God's Plans, then fall back down as shooting stars.

Ornias was a demon that corrupted men in Noah's time, before the flood.

What this means is that, when the constellation is rising above the horizon, it's storm season.

Ornias is the first demon Solomon binds with his ring. Because Ornias was stealing the life of Solomon's favorite servant boy. See the pattern yet?

So Noah learns of God's plan and saves his family.

Coincidentally. In other flood stories, the "ark" is just a humble washtub, and it was Prometheus who told his son Deucalion to rescue a particular human girl (no animals) - because eventually, her blood line would lead to Heracles who would set Prometheus free from the Eagles picking at his liver.

After the flood, Noah plants a vineyard and gets drunk apparently. There is "that" incident between Noah and Ham's Son, Canaan. It's believe that Noah, possibly possessed by this demon Ornias, got drunk and molested Canaan. Ham called him out on it, but Noah denied it, saying the boy is a lair, and curses him and his decedents to be servants. Cupbearers, pages, and so on.

When you bring up flood myths, there's so much overlapping.

You can see Ham as Prometheus, Noah as Zeus, and Canaan as Deucalion, Ganymede, or Imdugud.

But what did Ham steal from Noah that is parallel to the fire of gods and tablets of destiny?


What? Not just any Snakeskin, but the primordial Snake skin, the snake that compelled Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. It used to have legs, but it was cursed to slither on the ground and shed it's skin. Which God gave to Adam as the first clothing (not leaves). But this snake leather retained it's powers of persuasion, passed down the generations to Noah who used it to command the animals onto the ark.

Coincidentally (A lot of coincidences) in the Karmasutra. "Eating the Apple" is where a servant, slave, or eunuch fellates their master, specifically in the bath.

Eunuchs were stationed in baths because they were "safe."

In the story involving Deucalion, after the flood he and the girl he saved (Pyrrha) need to repopulate the Earth.

But...they're technically cousins. And Deucalion might also be a Eunuch, who knows. Some sources say he was an old man at this time.

So they didn't -couldn't- reproduce like you'd think. No. They threw rocks over their shoulders, which turned into people. How obscene!

Oh, I just had a thought. The "Water Bearer" not only has to guard the bath, but fill the bath, and probably heat the bath as well.

Google image searches sometimes lead to interesting juxtaposition.

Made me realize that "stealing fire" from a bath isn't that far removed.


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