Monday, March 8, 2021

Ego and Willpower

Here is a very easy, true fact to acknowledge- bowing to the ego is the opposite of willpower. This doesn't mean this ethereal "EGO" that seekers are scared of, it is those moments where you subconsciously think "hungry" so you walk to the fridge without consciously, mindfully deciding to. It's when you hit a roadblock in your studies and 'decide' to distract for a bit. It's when you have a conversation with someone but find your eye wandering to a nearby TV left on.

Ego-death (not in the drug sense at all) is willpower. Taking a step back from this base reactions is the ONLY way to gain willpower. There is not a single thing more or less that you can do than by constantly (gently! without ***SHAME***, or else you just fall into a new trap) withholding from whatever "you" want. This "you" that reaches for junk food, turns on the TV, checks your phone, ignores work, puts off chores, etc, is the one that will forever prevent you from growing.

Don't masturbate, don't eat more than you need to, cut all bad habits, exercise when you don't want to, control your emotions, don't let other peoples emotions affect your own, meditate, and maintain your character. 

Now that that is clear, the quickest way to establish HUGE progress in willpower? Fasting. Do either day-long dry fasts, or 24-hour wet fasts. Do them often too, at least twice a week. Once you start that, you see how visceral and clear that sudden urge to eat, and your ego-reaction to it, is. As you build this resistance up you will build it up in other arenas as well.

There are many paths to every destination. That is to say it is different for everyone. For some the most effective way is extreme trauma especially in their early childhood, for others it is through practice and sheer determination, and some people are just lucky enough to be hardwired that way. Many people don't see the "superhuman" potential but next time you have the chance to, watch someone that has mastered their profession, and you will see "superhuman" ability in their area. That's the fruit of willpower.

If you can find what ignites a fire in your heart you can follow that to strengthen your will and sharpen your determination.

The beast is destroyed by controlling the beast within yourself.


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