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Tuesday, February 21, 2023


On the edge of paradise,

woeful tears fall, cold as ice.

On that edge where I stand still,

ashen whips jut onto my will.

On that edge you sear my helm!

Kibble it like a spider; overwhelm!

Steering through many an eve.

Conceive, weave, cleave then grieve!

Render and espouse; knight and serf.

Guardian of your tear, gate, and turf.

Enact then re-enact my astral dream.

Put me to sleep, hinder my scream.

Dreary lips given a wide berth,

to unheard hiss that typifies rebirth.

Author my flesh unto caged envy,

yielding my soul: break the levee.

Sail amongst my translucent runes,

your siren of electric moons.

I sing for the breaker to inveigle,

tepid winds I once played regal.

Make me forget and make me pay,

for losing my way and drifting astray.

For getting so close then letting go,

missing the blow, ruining your flow.

You are pandora's quantum prison,

a bounty begging to be riven.

Your pride diverts your nemesis,

resurgent carcinogenesis.

Beshrew the darklight spring,

sustained by your phantom wing.

Slake it inept and enthrall its nectar,

woven and entwined in void-like vector.

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