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Tuesday, February 21, 2023


I have been delegated into Athena's void

So nurturing yet neurotic to be discharged in her wrath

Now I am one with her livestock, a portend-an infernal bath

One with Sonder, previously conjured.

I walk to my family home, now spaded in her blood

The blue sky turns purple, eyes malfesting through nature once fertile

In the cascaded rooms are astral paintings purloined

From many beings together her Other they'd conjoined

Only portions of their visage visible, the nature of their moments miscible

With every step towards the altar the leather around my inlet narrows

Adorned with crows, ravens and sparrows

The void grasps me tighter, and tighter

Until the Woman of Glass permits me to weave her:

- - - - 

Do you hear it David? The rain that mirrors from below?

Your bane is churning now, you've reaped what you've sown

Engrave it as the simper spears through your tears

Etched into your heart is now an eternal blot of mirrors

Of the Shadow Queen who drew you to sloth into years,

Eyes will hemorrhage at what remained aflame

Having payed the toll for your soul and all that to be gained

Enchanted by my valor, manifest and preordain.

You are mine now, your mind rendered hyaline

You are mine now, your time mongered by sin.

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