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Tuesday, January 31, 2023


i am floating through two echoes of time, pasts and futures

on one echo is you, and another is loss, 

of my destined fates, as a soldier of Apollo

there you came, a soul-less husk

tulpa of my delusion embossed

yet it was a God flimsily sutured

thus it croaked, full of sorrow, broken

the eloquent facade, bespoken

like a musician who improvisates

thus I wasn't sure what to ponder.

I began to speak to my id...

"well, are we not but leaves squirming through what was once sonder?"

"well that's the question isn't it?"

my third voice showed, the choice of a demon's dusk

"The only thing that's certain is void

and they damn well have got plenty of that"


Now you're making me laugh you fucker-

This poem is over

[∞:∞ PM]Athena: What the fuck did I just read

[∞:∞ AM]Sorav: Probably mental illness

*tries to edit but cant*

*youre fucking cringe faggot*

Yeah well fuck you too


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