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Sunday, January 22, 2023


by Sorav and "Athena"

Eviscerate my being! Distort my face!

Bring me closure to my ego; replace!

Seizure in dark games through which we interlace,

Beckoning the reaper's embrace.

Subvert my empathy!

Break me into colluded ecstasy!  

Mold me in your image of apathy!

Put me in a daze of senseful apogee!


If only I could help you experience the same...

If only I could put out what had went aflame...

If only I could rid you of your own self blame...

My ultimate goal- to personify your game...

Knowing I belong on greater stages;

I set out to share a seat among your stations!

As I'm marching alongside your pages,

I'm taunted by the echoes of ages,

mocked by divine wages.


Taxing are the paths to your way.

My will's faltering, hope's grey,

mind's in a state so risqué.

Tell me, is this the price I must pay?

"Fractious paranoia vying to supplant.

vying to take over, to ruin your descant.

To kill that which would lay bare, the one which I shan't.

And destroy the altar to which I hum and I chant."


collab with: 
Athena#2204 (discord)

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