Monday, January 2, 2023

Original Works of Art


 Fuck her on her period then as you get close to climaxing lock with her third eye and visualize your astral bodies uniting, As you cum moan and then take out your dick and drink her menstrual blood. You have officially infused your blood with a succubus

real men are virgins until marriage. People like you will never understand. Enjoy catching AIDS from your high school sweetheart at age 12. In all honesty that's something every boy should think about when going through puberty. Anyway, I'd like to give a big shoutout to my ex girlfriend. She helped me loosen my foreskin when we first got into a relationship. For some reason my foreskin was stuck and I couldnt pull it back without excruciating pain. She really helped. I heard she got kidnapped by mexicans and was sent over the border and is now being held ransom by the cartel. No one deserves that faith. Hope shes ok. Wish I was joking
It feels good but then you're left wondering why you did that. Your car breaks down driving 10 miles back home and then you have to walk in the rainy cold to the next gas station while she is at home savoring every last drop of your cum. Not worth it

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