Friday, December 30, 2022

Funny /x/ Tantric Sex Post - How to feel the love of the universe

 This was funny. Have not and probably will not try it, but damn it's funny.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to bring heaven to you and carry it throughout your daily life. I used to hate myself and the world, but now not only do I love myself and the world, I also actively feel that love from full-body shivers I experience daily. It's truly as if I was in a wholesome loving relationship with the source of love itself. All your worries go away because you finally know that there's an infinitely benevolent being that has your back. You'll need the following:
>Pregnancy pillow (I recommend the U or C shaped ones)
>Weighted blanket (if you find them uncomfortable just go for regular blankets)
>Lubricant (normally I'd go with water-based lube but since you'll probably want to go for longer sessions, I have to recommend silicone-based lube)
>Masturbator of your choice (no need to be fancy, I use the fleshlight blue ice grip)
>Prostate massager (no need for vibration but I use the edge 2)
>Basic meditation skills
>Basic anal cleanliness skills
There are other things you can do but these are the bare essentials. Before starting the process, make sure your ass is clean and your body is in a healthy state, don't eat heavy meals and junk food beforehand. Here are the steps:
>1. Insert dick in lubricated masturbator and lubricated prostate massager in ass; get in bed and bundle yourself up in the pregnancy pillow and weighted blanket
>2. Hump the masturbator and body pillow at a slow pace until you get close to cumming
>3. DO NOT CUM! Stay near the edge and stop humping
>4. Start meditating now; concentrate on nothing but the pleasure you're feeling
>5. The longer you go without cumming the more the pleasure will spread throughout your entire body, keep going
>6. You'll eventually reach a state of delirious ecstasy, you'll be saying things like "I love the world" "Thank you for this love, O' universe" "I love myself" without realizing it.
>7. Repeat as many times and as long as you want. Congratulations, heaven now resides within you!

As an added bonus, here are some other things you can do during the process to make the experience even more heavenly:
>Listen to some comfy music like Lo-fi and/or wholesome hypno tracks
>Use a VR headset and simulate LSD/shroom trips
>Use placebos like candy and whatnot
I haven't tried any drugs but I don't think they're necessary, the experience is already intense enough. I have thought of trying MDMA though, feel free to tell me about your own experiences.

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