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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Shadow Queen and Mrs. Jellyfish

Shadow Queen 

Thou art a shadow queen

Tapered by dorianic locrality,

Thine essence juxtaposed upon the mulberry tree 

of a Matrix-design

Shadow queen, reaper of tongues

Embalmer of the chosen, designated upon yore

Amalgamated thine being, apprenticed of reapers gleam

And Revelator of melancholic despair, everlasted;

Yet astral is thine essence upon mine whole

For thou too art a Revelator

Soravitic valor

Multi-aural color-ites, hailing of heavenly spheres

Slowly ensuing above the precipice, thine lost mirror

Thou art a shadow queen

A Mistress of the seven;

Glazed by aruarian mist of spiral-bounded years

Whereafter Grimoiric beings intermingle

Smirking from inside what is within behind

Shadow queen, examiner of burning souls

A toxic visage of void reflected unto self

Begged to be refracted by students of internullity

Deliverer of the touched,stellated lucidity.

Shadow queen, thyself transfigurated

Sigmundic priestess blanched in purgatory

Thine heart shines through thine sigil's veil

Eager to curtail through thy tessellations of hell.


Mrs. Jellyfish

Hand on heart, a forlorned scholar

Mythically proclaimed

This Jellyfish wanders

She's a nice jellyfish

Round and petite

Blue and poopy

But causes trouble if you're scoopy

The other day I saw the Jellyfish

Flirt with another gay fairy case

I acted like a baby face

And broke her really merry grace

So she made me want to be an hero

When declaring to no longer maketh my healthbar zero

and said she didn't want to play me

when asked how to pervade her trade she said

"Nay, Tough luck, puffy!"

I thought Sad face, how unlucky

Thus this was written, by a hip hop christian

To bring my playing privileges

Back from remission

To get smacked over by her tentacle icky

Then after winning, hopefully call me stinky

Using other means of memeing

keep me constricting, my patience ever thinning

Then beat me down into poo, so that I may say

I want Mrs. Jellyfish's goo



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