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Thursday, December 15, 2022


You are but a tool, to be used and discarded

Your heart unchaste, nothing of value imparted.

Thou art not unseen, beastly being of scorn

Menagerie of colorless dye, kept in cantankerous form

Inveigler of self, your eyes now locked out

Puppeteered by tears they speak:

"Quiver thee in fears ye meek!" 

Superego tainted of serpentine pulsated

So awakened thine id to tormentive bliss

Subjects purveyed by your shadowy lips

And Born anew to propagate the curse of Abyss

A bevel to your final days-basis of your grafting

Psychoanalyzed in Athena's acting

Vaccuum of mechanical thoughts to cope of loss

Yearning to be accost in opposition of God's

To be torn by your seeds, cleaved in accretion

Neurosecretes as they fuse in cohesion

Birth of your creation: a God of Deletion

Culmination of obsessive completion

Seeds chanting softly: a Song of Depletion

Concierge of your mind lost to lust

Liberation of eyes once chained

Astral body squirms in awe of annihilation

Planetary justiciars grinding through your limbs

Masqueraded orgasms, punishment of sins

Personas ad-infinitum eloped in mass nova

Eons now passing through what's remained of your yoga

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