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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

its hard to be truly real

 [7:41 PM]Sorav: its hard to be truly real, I thought I found the real. but turns out I was a fake all a long.... lying to yourself to convince yourself someone or something is something theyre not 

[7:42 PM]Sorav: another thing is truly being open is near impossible too

[7:42 PM]Sorav: even if you believe yourself an open minded person

[7:42 PM]Sorav: we're hardwired to abandon those we deem as foreign 

[7:43 PM]Sorav: making up a fantasy to convince yourself someone is something youre not. finding excuses to destroy somebody from the womb of  the public consciousness 

[7:43 PM]Sorav: and so what

[7:43 PM]Sorav: I know this

[7:44 PM]Sorav: and now what

[7:44 PM]Sorav: my clan is gone now, last I saw them was 10 years ago. dont know who or where they are now

[7:44 PM]Sorav: because I too left the clan

[7:45 PM]Sorav: you need to find your own clan

[7:45 PM]Sorav: but if you know those claiming to be of your clan aren't truly of your clan

[7:45 PM]Sorav: well youre back to where you started

[7:47 PM]Sorav: theres still some options. you could fight for what you believe is true and if youre charismatic enough people will follow you. or you can sink in indifference. but even the strongest soldier sometimes no longer has the will to fight 

[7:48 PM]Sorav: being real is a lonely road

[7:48 PM]Sorav: and sometimes youre not sure youre still on it

[7:48 PM]Sorav: questioning yourself can be the greatest strength

[7:48 PM]Sorav: but also having a brother

[7:48 PM]Sorav: who will strike you down if you dont see your own foolishness

[7:49 PM]Sorav: @DoomSlayer's Rabbit

[7:55 PM]Sorav: because the one disadvantage in believing in yourself too greatly assuming one takes the path of leadership is you sometimes miss whats right in front of you

[7:55 PM]Sorav: where can you find this brother

[7:55 PM]Sorav: this brother is important

[7:56 PM]Sorav: this brother can save you from making a regretable decision

[7:56 PM]Sorav: I must find this brother

[7:56 PM]Sorav: for no matter how strong I am I'm still just one man, a slave to my own design

[7:56 PM]Sorav: I hope you find and have found your brother

[7:56 PM]Sorav: a true brother will not hesitate to strike you down

[7:56 PM]Sorav: if you dishonor yourself

[7:56 PM]Sorav: keep this in mind, brother

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