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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I Became A Vagrant on Palmer Avenue & Humble Beginnings

Six months, one year, two years. The return. 

I come now with the funk. And this time, I stay for you all. The past two years I'd been focusing on what I want from life, my music; and a lot of other relationship experiences I had. I'd seen and done a lot of funky shit, experienced love, heartbreak, betrayal, all that good stuff. But now the flint has been lit. I bring you now me and brother KARMA's first EP:

Clocking in at 8 tracks of only 15 min long, our first EP is our first step into the journey we will conquer,our journey of uncovering truth, joy, and understanding. 

Some backstory, the past 2 years me and KARMA (known more widely as CptVideoGames) had trouble working together because of life's many obstacles, ranging from drug addiction, relationship problems, and even betrayal of our closest kin. But this release marks the finale of our rough beginnings and the fore-lay into momentum.